Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Updated links Jan. 2016

Updated links so far.
Just holler when you meet new ones that are gone ;)
I'm using Mediafire on these, hope that helps ;) 
LOL, Been out of the game for too long, forgot to zip them 
at the first round, but now it should all be in order 
A fairytale night (full size)
Alice in wonderland ts
Skull Candies
Snowflake Xmas papers
Valentine Collab 2010
Pastel Valentine
Pink Candy Valentine
Season of the Witch

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let me know ;)

Hi all !!
Hadn't logged in since November and found alot of lovely
comments waiting. 
Thank you all for leaving lovely words
when you pass by picking up some goodies or trying too
pick up some.
I see some links have gone awall during the year so I'm saving 
the comments letting me know what links have gone down, so please
continue leaving me hints to what's missing.
 I'm gonna try getting them up again real soon now, 
but where to host them ????
I see some of you have trouble with 4shared, so tell me what's 
the best download sites others are using that you'd like me to use,
cos maybe some new easy ones have come since I've been 
away from it for a year.
And another thing, I've taken down all tut links for all other blogs
using my kits,
cos alot of them had closed so it was a ton of dead links 
so to all the working tut holders I'm really sorry.
But I won't be putting up more tut links for other blogs
from now on
cos I don't want a link graveyard in here when they close

Monday, April 13, 2015

Just saying hello.

Hello all ;)
Just thought I'd tell you why it's
very very very ..................very very very
quiet in here, LOL.
My mojo went on a long hiatus, that happens for us all.
Then when I thought I was on my way back
my computer said goodnight, so now it's "saving up
for a new one time", who knows how long that takes.
But some fine day, maybe this year maybe not untill next year
I will be back PSP'n.
But have fun with all my old stuff in here,
and I love all your lovely comments,
so thank you for saying hello when you drop by
picking up some PSP stuff :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

New kit "LemonLime"

Evening all, finally got a nice little tag kit for you,
first one of the year, as my mojo goes more than comes,
but when it comes I get a few pieces made for a kit, and then one
fine day, like today, there's suddenly a kit ready to share :)))

Happy Easter all by the way!!!

Kit contains 28 elements and 7 papers

Saturday, December 7, 2013

CU OK Xmas Elements 6

More Xmas CU goodies,
Click on it to get real size and save as...

CU OK Xmas Elements 5

More CU Xmas goodies :) 
Just click them bigger to get actual size
 and save as...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New kit "Winter Wonder 2013"

Woohoo I got a Xmas kit ready in time for the holidays :)))

9 papers
58 elements

Hope you'll enjoy it !!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

CU OK Xmas Elements 4

Last batch of the night.
Have fun with these, and they're still 
png's so just click to enlarge, then rightclick to save as...